Selling Collectibles?


Harrison's is always interested in buying Golden Age comics, Silver Age Comics, Bronze Age Comics, current comics, toys, statues, packaged action figures/toys, sports collectibles, and other fun collectibles. We're interested in looking at just about anything! If you're interested in selling or trading any of these items, please call Harrison's Comics at (978) 741-0786 to set up an appointment, or email us your list by emailing .


Selling Cards?


Harrison's at the Liberty Tree mall is interested in buying or trading cards from highly popular CCGs such as Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and others. Please call the store in advance to find out what cards we may be looking for, as this changes depending on our supply. We are generally interested in rare or uncommon cards.  You can contact the store at (978) 777-4114 to find out what cards we're looking for.