Statues and Busts

This is a photo of our absolutely unbelievable bust case. We order most busts that are put out, and stock them in our bust case in the front of the store. It certainly looks intimidating, but don't worry. There are plenty of staff members around to help, for those interested in taking a closer look.

To put this in a little bit of perspective, the case that you're seeing in this photo is approximately seven feet tall, and the shelves are about a foot deep, and completely packed with busts. A second case, standing next to this one, is filled with busts and statues of more obscure characters, such as those from manga, anime, and movies.

Most busts are available already wrapped and packaged in their original cases. If we don't have a prepackaged one, we're happy to take them out of the locked case and return them to their original packaging for you.





This picture shows a small section of one of our three statue cases, all of which are filled nearly to bursting with incredible statues of both popular and more obscure characters. We have a fourth statue case behind the counter in the store for other figures.

All of these cases are kept locked. We can often provide statues that do not need to be repackaged, but our staff are incredibly careful and precise in putting these statues back into their original packaging.