Action Figures and Toys

Here is a photo of a small selection of the toys and action figures we carry at Harrison's comics. We specialize in hard to find current toys, as well as older toys both in and out of package. Here you can see a shot of some Marvel and DC toys, as well as some Wallace and Grommit items to the left.

Since we specialize in both new and vintage toys and figures, it means that we have a pretty impressive array of figures. Some things that we carry that you may not be able to see in these photos include vintage Transformers figures. We have quite a large number of them. Sometimes, we are able to get even older toys to sell. All vintage items are carefully checked over before being offered for sale, so that you know what condition the toy is in.

Another section of our store that we're quite proud of is our selection of Star Wars items. We carry hundreds of toys from all of the movies and many different time periods. In this photo you can see the packaged items that we offer for sale. We also carry a selection of loose toys that tend to sell quickly, so you'll have to come in to see what we have on any given day.